Oral Hull Adventure Camp

vision through words

by Stella De Genova

Last week, I was a guest at Oral Hull Adventure Camp in Portland, Oregon.  It is an adventure trip for visually impaired and blind people who want to step out of their safety zone in a safe environment.

I will admit that I was unsure of my decision to go to Oral Hull, even to the time I arrived and was shown to my room.  The boarding was not the Ritz but it was sufficient and clean.  “Will I be comfortable here?  How will the people be?”  I put on my bravest smile and headed to the lodge dining room where most of our meals would be served.  How lovely!  The chefs were a husband and wife team and every meal was delicious.  The good-hearted staff and volunteer guides were attentive to our needs as well as our independence.  There were a couple of people I…

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