Why you need an eye checkup, if you are diabetic?



People with DIABETES are advised to have their eyes checked frequently .

Do you know why ?

If you have diabetes , you are more likely to develop cataract and glaucoma. You also need to be aware of a condition called DIABETIC RETINOPATHY. Diabetes weakens the blood vessels in your body. In the eye , we can directly see the blood vessels in your retina and detect early signs of damage like small haemorrhages and exudates.This can worsen to a condition called proliferativediabetic retinopathy which is very difficult to treat and can lead to blindness.

The wise thing to do is have regular check-ups so that this is detected in the early stages. If it is detected early, it can easily be kept under control with laser therapy.

Your physician would also like to know whether you have retinopathy as it gives him valuable information about the condition of your blood vessels.

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