Living in Darkness, Dreaming of Sight…Crap! I must be Blind!

Blind Abilities Blog

Introducing Guess Writer: Trevor Attenberg

There was a wee commentary piece on National Public Radio a week or two ago, where a man discussed the prospects of technology geared towards providing sight for the blind. The typical business was reverently alluded to, including implanted telescopes in the eye; digitally processed electronic optic technology, some kind of echo-location sensory enhancement, and neuro-muscular regeneration. Nothing entirely new; but also certainly not out of the question for widespread application. Such talks (usually coming from sighted people or people that recently lost their vision) are often quite frustrating for the blind, including myself. This isn’t simply because we’ve been longing for such technological, technocratically driven solutions all of our lives only to be left on the shelf (although this may be the case with an unfortunate few); quite the opposite is true.

Many of us blind folks give little thought to being blind you…

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